War Machine

War Machine 1.0

In War Machine you will drive an American Hummer in enemy territory
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War Machine is a game where you will drive an American Hummer in enemy territory.
You will carry a soldier shooting with a large gun, but the damage will be done by the vehicle. You must hit everything that comes into range: soldiers, cars, ammo, tanks, and even sheep. You will score points according to the destruction you cause. There is only a way to loose: your Hummer may not leave upside down. To avoid this, you can balance your car when it is in the air (something that is VERY frequent), by moving the left and right cursor keys. You will accelerate the Hummer by pressing the Up cursor key, and you can change its direction by pressing the ENTER key. Each level has some "Safe Points", if you reach them, you crash your car, and you will begin your next turn from the last safe point you reached.

In the first level, you will not crash your car. But in the following levels, the terrain will become very bad, and your Hummer will have to perform jumps, climb hills, and slow down when going down them, otherwise you will end with your four wheels up.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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